14 January 2011

9 Smart ways of business marketing

Trying hard to promote your business or trying different types of marketing tac tics. Well let me tell you something its all about getting noticed in the market now it depends on you how you market your business or a particular product and get noticed in the market. There are many different ways of marketing your business but only few smart ways of marketing. Therefore here are some of the most efficient and effective ways of marketing which give you immediate and best results.

  1. Use some good marketing tools - It is not necessary to invest your majority income on marketing instruments like print ads websites etc etc. one has to use sensibly its resources and manage finances also. So make a list first by jotting down all the things you might need when you’ll go for a meeting with a client or a company like stationery, brochures, presentation CD’s etc etc.
  2. Good Hospitality skills - Treat your customer with respect and show some hospitality skills of yours. Make them feel special. People like individual attention so give your customers what they want.
  3. Be Focused – You should not run hay vie and try to take as many people as you can , instead you should concentrate on a small group of people and convince them to such extents that they don’t leave you ever. Try and build that special over the edge link with your key customers instead of running behind the crowd.
  4. Participate actively in Trade shows - Try and keep yourself visible at all the trade shows and exhibitions this will make you a brand name moreover you can also develop the prospects of some foreign customers.
  5. Be friendly – Always have a friendly attitude towards your customers and try to help them in whatsoever they need you for.
  6. Be ready with your work samples - Always prove yourself to the people be ready with your work samples as it tells your quality and excellence and convince them easily.
  7. Start Networking – Well this is a very old yet most successful marketing tool so far. The more you know people the more you can convert them into your clients so try and network with a s many people as you can start with friendly gestures and inform them about your products may be some one in future might need you.
  8. Network amongst your vendors or alike business niche people – You should be in touch with those who are in the market related to you. not your business rivals but your business supporters for e.g. If you are a party decorator then you should be in contact with the caterers, DJ and other people who are into same kind of business this in turn will help you get business and make some good contacts as they’ll be used as reference in future.
  9. Promote yourself Online – This is the most convenient and cheap marketing tool but only if you are much aware of internet and how to use it. You can blog about your product or can publish e-books or can write small articles and post them on other websites so that you can generate some back links. If you are not an internet freak then it’s also fine as you can put in some money and hire an SEO professional and promote your company website on net. You can generate good clients if the promotion goes well planned.

Spreading the word, do anything or everything possible to spread yourself into the market. Impress your clients, be sincere and professional, make them feel special; provide things which they need from you make yourself a brand. Do the word of Mouth marketing tell as many people as you can about your company and product. Follow these tips and you’ll be investing less money more time but will get the good results soon.


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