23 May 2011

I will pass your resume to Accounting Department..

Pagi tadi seawal 5.45 pagi,
saya bertolak dari rumah ke UPM...
Tujuan: untuk menghadiri temuduga terbuka yang dijalankan didalam kampus...

Nak kongsi pengalaman first time kene interview..
(TEXMS Sdn Bhd)

Okey, your interview will start now!

Now, tell me about yourself.
Please include your family background, education background and work experience if you have..


Can you give me your transcript...

Time ni saya just bawak result sem 1,2 & 3 je.. adoi~

Okey, you said that you take Accounting during your Matricullation. Now tell me, how good are you in Accounting?

Oooo... so, you want to see my matricullation's transcirpt.. Here it is... I got A for my Account.

What are you study in Accounting during matriculation?

Basic Account & Account for Costing.

Do you have car? Our company located at Subang Jaya. So, if you successfully get this job, is it difficult for you to go there?

I have no car but I will take public transport. Emm, is there near to any KTM station?

Yes, sure.. But you have to take 30 minutes after that to go through traffic jam.. But it may be easy if you bring your own car..


Okey, I will pass your resume to accounting department because we don't need any finance position in our company..
In 2 weeks, we will inform who will proceed to 2nd interview after this.
If you don't get any news from us, really sorry~

uhhh... okey.. thanks, Ms.


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