17 August 2011

~My Training as Streamyx CSR At Menara TM~

Today is my 3rd week my life as a trainee of VADS Bhd...
I had studied many things about TM products, services and technical.
I also learn of how to conduct customers who had problems related to TM services.

For your information, I had been hired as a Customer Services Representative for Streamyx Technical side.
But, before that, I have to pass all the assessments that required me to be a good CSR..

"Being a CSR must be 'K.T.M's person'...." said my trainer, En. Razif a.k.a Ajid..
What is K.T.M means???
-Kene Tahan Maki-

Here are a lots of picture that has been snap by my CLASSMATE at Menara TM (batch220C)..

My classmates consist of 27 trainees from various education backgrounds.
Credit to Ms Kujat El Kutat~


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